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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  March 24, 2012 12:00am-12:35am EDT

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clark: kidd-gilchrist either hurting a little or fatigued. trying to catch his breath now. trying to get lamb free that time. abel abel about to check in leaving the kentucky bench. jim: there's the third on zeller. sunday, travel the worrell on a new "amazing race" -- travel the world on a new "amazing race" sunday after "60 minutes" here on america's most watched network. there's that third one. clark: took a while. he picked up his second way back, 13:33 of the first half. jim: those two fouls coming 40 seconds apart.
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kidd-gilchrist needed a breather. clark: you could tell he was looking for some oxygen. jim: oladipo for abell. he has four fouls. clark: trying to get to the finish line without picking up that fifth foul. jim: takes it in on teague a foul outside on teague. clark: fourth team foul on kentucky. i talked about in the first half how seeing kentucky doesn't typically foul a lot. they've still got a couple give indiana already over the limit. jim: that's the second on teague. davis down to seven. jim: they feel like it's a
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tight game in that situation. jim: four on the shot clock, indiana steals it. to watford. davis is out of position now. watford in the paint. zeller, put back. 82-77. indiana has responded. 16 for zeller. that's going to be a foul there on indiana. clark: oladipo.
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jim: that's it for oladipo., get coverage of the division one women's basketball tournament. they lose one of their star players, oladipo averages 11 points a game. he had 15 tonight. on top of that, he's an all big ten defender. see that disappear. clark: you see his fire, he's disappointed he'll have to watch the rest of this one, trying to inspire his teammates to fight and come all the way back. don't miss his ability to go off the dribble. just from an athleticism standpoint, he brings a lot. so roth replaces oladipo, he's a terrific three-point shooter.
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jim: kentucky sends its terrific shooter, lamb, to the line for a one and one. people that know the history of kentucky and indiana will tell you probably the game that stands out the most is back in 1975 in the tournament, a regional final for the meas, kentucky up over an undefeated indiana, the hoosiers came back the next year and won the national championship without losing a game. could have been, had scot may not had a broken article, they could have conceivably had backing -- back-to-back championships. clark: those around that team
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claim it was better than the 1976 team. jim: the 1975 team. they had beaten kentucky in the regular season but kentucky beat them 92-90 in tayton in the finals. davis chases it down. back to kentucky, leading by seven. approaching four minutes. clark: this is up with of the areas where kentucky has gotten better since the first meeting, execution. jim: ran right to the basket. jim: that's a tough matchup for roth. 17 for miller, 10 in this half. commits the foul at the other end. that will be just the fifth team foul. team foul. the third on miller.
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[ male announcer ] pick enterprise. we'll pick you up. jim: kentucky with 86 points on the board, it's possible they'll put up the most points indiana has ever allowed in an ncaa tournament game. in 1984, notre dame put up 94. the second half lead has been
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as large as 13, indiana cut the margin as close as four on a couple of occasions. clark: this hole will be hard to come out ff you're indiana. got to knock down some threes, pressure kentucky into some mistakes. but this wildcats team with miller and lamb and kidd-gilchrist, being able to make plays off the dribble and at the rim. jim: sixth team foul, third on teague. clark: indiana will try to drive them, see if they can get into the bonus. and that gives you a chance to try to make a comeback if you can get free throws down and score the ball. jim: trying to retain position. it stays with indiana.
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terence jones, teague will come out. clark: big difference in this one, the free-throw game for kentucky plus 12 there. indiana normally takes 24 attempts a game, only so far they'll get two more here though. jim: lamb commits that foul. here he is at the other end. clark: he's so well-rounded and has an extra added half step of quickness because you have to come out an get into him. [the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated
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companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] jim: abell is the first native kentuckian to play for indiana since 1987 and he was wearing a kentucky uniform while the man handling the ball for kentucky, teague, out of indianapolis, wore an indiana uniform. clark: a bit of irony there. tough matchup here. jim: miller, hulse defending. kidd-gilchrist on the way up. jim: you put a smaller guy --
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clark: you put a smaller guy, even a bigger guy will have trouble keeping him off the glass. he goes like he's starving every time. jim: third on shhe -- sheehey. kidd-gilchrist at the line. when we were watching the brackets come down, we were in indianapolis, having covered the big ten tournament and the chair of the committee, jeff hathaway came over, we look at the brackets and it didn't take long to spot the possible sweet 16 matchup, kentucky-indiana. clark: you've got a natural radar for that kind of stuff. jim: well after all, how memorable was the game in december and the rich history between these two and i've got to tl tell you it hasn't
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disappointed, as far as electricity. clark: it's been a great environment here, tremendous energy, and basketball on roller skates for a change instead of in boots. these teams have gone up and down and never, ever threatened the shot clock. jim: jones blocked hulse' attempt. hulse trying to cut it to six. clark: the blue nation sensing there's another game on hand for sunday. jim: fourth on watford. 10 team fouls, so double bonus the rest of the way. of course, you never know what's going to happen you can't always go down the line
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of the brackets, but you start trying to get a little perspective and think what a kentucky run to the championship could be. got to finish this one first. kvent look past a baylor but perhaps it could be the all-time rivalry run to a title. could be a louisville team waiting for them in the national semis and could be a north carolina team waiting for them in the championship. that would be indiana, louisville, north carolina, their three biggest nonconference rivals in the regular season, on the way to a title. just perhaps. clark: as the story teller that you are, those are things you take a look at and you know what? we might have it unfold, perhaps. perhaps. jim: it could happen. it could happen. clark: just that way. we'll see. strong move by sheehey at the other en. he's been excellent from the free-throw line. has he missed one yet?
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i don't think so. jim: kentucky overall is plus 14 from the line in an 11-point game. kentucky for the might is 26-28 and kidd-gilchrist is 9-9. clark: i didn't think he'd missed one. i don't want to do what you did. jim: you wouldn't do that, would you? clark: way to get me out of that jam. jim: 92-81, inside 2:00. he's tied his career high, kidd-gilchrist, with 24. watford. clark: that was a tough shot. going to need some help from kentucky, some mistakes or missed free throws. and the foul game is in play for indiana. jim: sheehey has fulled --
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fouled out. they lost oladipo and now they lose another starter, sheehey, the fine starter out of florida. he was a high school teammate of fab mellow. syracuse-ohio state action coming up tomorrow. clark: a heck of a matchup tomorrow. the speed of syracuse was on display yesterday, i thought wisconsin played about as perfect an offensive game as you could, ball movement, spacing, three-point shooting, right there at the end, just could not quite make enough plays. credit to syracuse. c.j. fair had a terrific game as well. buckeyes with huge numbers from
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thomas. take a look at oladip of course. he's dept a bright future. i love the way he goes about his business here. working on that perimeter shot with his ability to get to the rim and defend, he could be a major, major impact player. i'm talking about all conference level. jim: fed it to him down low. abell trying to steal the inbounds pass. trying to sneak up from behind. jim: take a look at this kentucky team. start thinking about how can you beat them? what are you going to take? no glaring weaknesses. forget about the youth, not an issue from this point on jim: a reminder, kansas-north carolina state on tbs right now. clark: those guys are unselfish. jim: he picks up his fourth. they're going to run it to a
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team here on sunday. don't want to jinx this, but the margin is so, they'll run into a baylor team, it was a close game. and that is a very good looking team when you see them in person. clark: without question. when you talk about talent an matching up, athleticism, baylor is right on par with kentucky in just about every position. should be assuming that, well, still not over. we can't quite refrigerate this one yet. jim: watford from birmingham, alabama, his father is a police officer there. his family came out to see him play. time-out called by kentucky.
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watford with a 27-point season-high effort. the free throws makes the the free throws makes the margin eight. ...and comebacks... ...and miracles. it's when you go with the favorites... but fall in love with cinderella. it's march... it's time to bring the crazy. blueshirt: best buy's here to help you find your perfect tv. and with our perfect match promise, if it's not your perfect match, we'll pick it up and take it back for free. plus with purchase of select lg tv's, you'll get a free sound bar- the space-saving way to get even bigger sound. vo: do march right at best buy. jim: ok, clark kellogg, strategy me up, that's a phrase. clark: it's simple, they have to watch the fouls and hope they cooperate with misses.
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jim: miller, into lamb, who skids to a stop right in font of the indiana bench and will head down for more free throws. so that is, the 96 is the most indiana in its proud tournament history, the most it's ever allowed in a single game. clark: this team can put points up in bunches now. jim: could reach the 100-point mark. hit his last 10 free throws. roth returns. coach crean and his group of seepors like matt roth and barnett, moore, pritchard and jones, you remember kine's -- kentucky's team of
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unforgettables 20 years ago, this was the first five, they called them, tom crean came back from some very, very lean times when crean inherited a program that was in shambles, started with five freshman and six walk ons his first season. won six of 31 games. that's 12 rebounds on the night for anthony davis. and the wildcat nation starting to sense it, a sunday -- sense that a sunday appointment is on the way. with the pay lohr bears. clark: i'm looking forward to that one, jim. how about this free-throw shooting by kentucky.
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jim: talking about 32 out of 34. clark: remarkable. it's not just one guy, it's everybody. jim: this has to be near record territory, for that many atells. clark: i would think so. there haven't been many better. jim: zeller with the putback for two more. time-out called by indiana. kentucky reaches the 100-point kentucky reaches the 100-point mark, up 10. i care about my car because... i think it's a cool car. i think it's stylish and it makes a statement at the same time. and i've never had a car like that. people don't totally understand how the volt works. when the battery runs down the gas engine operates. i don't ever worry about running out of battery power... because it just switches over to my gas engine. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i love my chevy volt and i've never loved a car. ♪
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jim: one of the reasons crean called a time-out, to get one of the first five, there's pritchard, an original member of the class. clark: a nice gesture. jim: trying to get him in there to help make a steal if he can. he's from just outside of indianapolis. moore. commit the foul. so they now return to the lineup. watford and roth. moore, actually, early in his career, he was a prominent player. player. clark: he sure was.
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kentucky just remarkable from the line. clark: sure is. jim: 35-37. clark: the free throws made by kentucky, tom crean says that's going to do it. jim: indiana's season, the turn-around season that put them back on the map, is going to end in the sweet 16. clark: the hoosiers are back. clark: and -- jim: and a huge recruiting class coming in. clark: promising, promising future. jim: that's right but kentucky is moving on. the wildcats wratch et --
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ratchet up the heat in the second half and go on to a 102-90 victory. on to the elite eight. so the south regional final is a one against a three. kentucky and baylor. they'll battle it out for the right to go to new orleans and we'll see you back here for the south final on sunday afternoon here on cbs. you can turn to tbs right now for kansas and north carolina state. for clark kellogg and tracy wolfson an all the crew, jim nantz saying so long from atlanta. we'll send you to our studio in we'll send you to our studio in new york after these messages. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player who puts the puck. the horse hide. bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great passer. dependable. a winning team's gotta have one.
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greg g.: final score from atlanta south region, kentucky over the indiana hoosiers, they win it by 102-09 and moves on to sunday's regional to sunday's regional championship game. greg g.: welcome back to our new york studios. a reminder, tomorrow, get a head start on your tournament viewer with infiniti ncaa tipoff on tru tv, then here's your lineup, the men's division ii championship, on cbs, at 1:00 eastern time, at 3:00 p.m. eastern, the road to the final four is followed by the west regional final, number seven
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florida against number four louisville at 4:30 eastern. that is followed by the east regional champion, number two seed ohio state against the top seed in the east, the syracuse orange at 7:05 eastern time. meanwhile, action continuing on tbs, kansas with the lead, 58-52, 3:00 -- 3:09 to play against the north carolina state wolfpack. once again a slow start by kansas and they've recovered. greg a.: slow start by them. thomas robinson has recovered but charles, your sleeper in the tournament is still sleeping. charles: everybody talks about robinson but i thought taylor's maturity throughout the season was great, but he's not played well. greg g.: kenny, did the kentucky wildcats perform up to your expectations? kenny: they're playing at a
12:30 am
higher level in the tournament than they kid in the regular season. individually, talented, but they also play collectively. most times, you know, it seems like younger players especially are trying to make their name when they're freshmen an sophomores. these guys understand the concept of passing the ball, ball movement, body movement. greg g.: everybody gives indiana e for effort tonight? greg a.: i don't know if they could have played better and they lost by 12. the most impressive stat, how about kentucky going 35-37 from the free-throw line. you talked about the being able to shoot it 50% from three but they only take 10, dominated the paint. charles: what's impressive to me, davis really was in foul trouble, didn't have a great game but there's nobody on that team who has to play well for them to win. there's not one ployer on their team who has to play well. that's what's going to make
12:31 am
them unbeatable. greg g.: kentucky a winner they move on to play baylor on sunday. later, don't miss march madness on tbs. baylor's acy with 20 points 15rk rebounds, and the tournament's top seed, kentucky, avenging its only regular season loss. coming up for most of you, your local news, then dave has giants quarterback eli manning and sarah michelle gelllar, followed by "the late late show" with craig ferguson." we're done, thanks for watching, see you back here we're done, thanks for watching, see you back here tomorrow.
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